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As a farmer, you know that every seed you plant is an investment in your crop and your future. That's why it's crucial to protect your investment from the very start. One of the best ways to do that is by using seed treatment. Seed treatment is the application of protective chemicals to seeds before planting. It helps ensure that your crops get off to a healthy start with quick emergence and great stand to have the best chance of producing high yields. Seed treatment is an essential step for healthy and high-yielding crops.

At Ag Plus, we offer a range of seed treatments that can help you protect your investment and achieve better results. Here's a closer look at three of our most popular products:


Increase Yield Potential by Protecting Against Early Season Disease and Insect Pressure with Ignite Defender ST, Powered by Warden CXII

Ag Plus Ignite Defender Seed Treatment ensures superior disease and insect protection for soybeans. Maximize root health, bolster plant vigor, and optimize your yield potential. Experience the future of soybean crop protection.

Boasts a powerful blend of four fungicides, including Vayantis and Mefanoxam, offering multiple modes of action against early-season diseases
Powered by Cruiser Vigor Effect, our seed treatment defends against an array of seed- and foliar-feeding insects, ensuring a healthier, robust root system
Improves plant stand and early season vigor

Our comprehensive seed treatment is formulated to protect your soybean seeds against various diseases and insects, such as white mold, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophthora, Aphids, Seed Corn Maggots, Thrips and more. It is also equipped with four fungicides, each designed to operate through multiple modes of action. This strategic combination targets early-season diseases and resistant Pythium strains, providing a robust defense against root rot, stunting, and the potential reduction of plant stands. Learn more about Ag Plus Ignite Defender ST, powered by Warden CX II.

Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST Provides Unmatched Protection Against White Mold in Soybeans

White mold can devastate a soybean crop, causing significant yield losses. Fortunately, Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST provides the protection you need to keep your soybeans healthy and thriving. Our seed treatment is scientifically formulated to provide unmatched protection against white mold, ensuring your soybeans reach their full potential.

Designed to suppress White Mold in soybeans throughout the growing season.
Utilizes S.A.R. (Systemic Acquired Resistance) mode of action that activates the plants own genetic resistance to diseases by stimulating the plants natural defense pathways before disease sets in.
Enhances plant vigor, root development, and disease resistance.

Treat your seed with Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST and you'll see more even emergence while also getting baseline White Mold protection. Our soybean seed treatment provides essential nutrients, plant hormones and extracts to ignite seed germination and maximize early seedling growth and vigor. Don't let white mold ruin your soybean crop. Choose Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your soybeans are protected. Learn more about Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST.


Get Faster, Even Emergence with Corn Seed Treatment That Maximizes Early Seedling Vigor and Crop Development

The success of your crop depends heavily on the quality of the seeds you plant. Ignite ST is a specially formulated seed treatment designed to provide the essential nutrients and biostimulants necessary for maximizing yield potential. By giving every seed the same chemical message and food source at the same time, Ignite ST creates evenly emerged stands, resulting in faster, more even emergence and more robust seedlings.

Ignite ST provides essential nutrients and biostimulants for maximum yield potential
Creates evenly emerged stands for faster and more even emergence
Includes a balanced ratio of hormones to stimulate germination and early growth

Ag Plus Ignite ST plays a crucial role in optimizing crop development and maximizing yield potential. With its combination of essential nutrients and biostimulant additives, Ignite ST ensures faster, even emergence and promotes early growth. The balanced ratio of hormones, including Cytokinin, Gibberellic Acid, and Auxin, further stimulate germination and early growth. By providing every seed with the same chemical message and food source at the same time, Ignite ST creates evenly emerged stands, ensuring the highest yield potential from the day you plant. Incorporating Ignite ST into your seed treatment regimen can help give your crops the best start possible. Learn more about Ag Plus Ignite ST.


Get More Out of Your Fertilizer with Ag Plus Chasm FC: A Premier Microbial-Based Fertilizer Catalyst

Ag Plus Chasm FC is a microbial-based fertilizer catalyst that offers a host of benefits to farmers. This consortium of bacteria is specifically designed to outcompete bad microorganisms present in the soil, while also helping to reduce stress on plant roots. By cleaning the root zone, Chasm FC can help improve soil quality, increase nutrient availability, and enhance fertilizer efficiency.

Increases nutrient availability and uptake.
Enhances nutrient mineralization.
Improves microbial diversity in the soil.
Maximizes fertilizer efficiency and return on investment.

The microbial functions of Chasm FC include Bacillus Coagulans, which boosts phosphorus solubilization and solubilizes zinc, manganese, and potassium for improved plant uptake. Bacillus Licheniformis promotes root establishment, aides in soil mineralization, and is a strong composter of organic polymers in the soil. Streptomyces Rimosus produces large amounts of enzymes to protect the root zone and has strong fungal remediation activity. Streptomyces Vioalascens is a strong secretor of enzymes for the breakdown of complex polymers and chitin in the soil, while Thermobacillus Composti boosts plant biomass and is a strong secretor of enzymes that breakdown organic matter for better conversion to plant usable forms. Thiobacillus Feroxidans improves and accelerates iron solubility and works to chelate calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc from the soil and into a soluble form. Finally, Pseudomonas Putida improves phosphorus and potassium solubilization from the soil, boosts plant biomass and photosynthesis, and accelerates composting.

Ag Plus Chasm FC is a premier microbial-based fertilizer catalyst that offers a range of benefits for farmers. With its ability to improve soil quality and fertilizer efficiency, Chasm FC is a smart investment for those looking to maximize their crop yield. Learn more about Ag Plus Chasm.

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