Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

A Premier Microbial-Based Fertilizer Catalyst

Chasm FC's consortium of bacteria have been selected to out-compete the "bad" microorganisms already present in the soil, while not affecting the beneficial microbes. This allows Chasm FC to "clean the root zone" while also helping reduce stress on the plant's roots.

Benefits of Chasm FC

Improve microbial diversity in the soil

Increases nutrient availability and uptake

Enhances nutrient mineralization

Maximize fertilizer efficiency and return on investment

Features of Chasm FC

Sources of bacteria derived from agricultural soils in the U.S.

A CFU count significantly higher than the industry average

Compatible tank mixing with fertilizers, pesticides and adjuvants

Apply in-furrow, 2x2, strip-till, dry fertilizer impregnation, soil broadcast or early post

Use Rates

4 Grams/Acre (In-Furrow)
4-6 Grams/Acre (Dry Impregnation & Broadcast)

Technical Information

1 Bottle = 160 Grams or 40 Acres
1 Case = 4 Bottles or 160 Acres
Mag-Pack = 20 Pounds or 2,270 Acres
Shelf Life: 5 Years

Microbial Functions

Bacillus Coagulans

Boosts phosphorus solubilization, solubilizes zinc, manganese and potassium for improved plant uptake.

Bacillus Licheniformis

Promotes root establishment; aides in soil mineralization; nutritionally adaptive; strong composter of organic polymers in the soil to convert nutrients into plant available forms.

Streptomyces Rimosus

Produces large amounts of enzymes to protect root zone; strong fungal remediation activity; uses alternate forms of organic carbohydrates.

Streptomyces Vioalascens

Strong secretor of enzymes for the breakdown of complex polymers and chitin in the soil. Excellent colonizer and decomposer for extensive nutrient recycling and breakdown of organic matter.

Thermobacillus Composti

Boosts plant biomass; strong secretor of enzymes that breakdown organic matter for better conversion to plant useable forms.

Thiobacillus Feroxidans

Improves and accelerates iron solubility. Works to chelate calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc from the soil and into a soluble form. Strong colonizer of the rootzone for enhanced nutrient recycling.

Pseudomonas Putida

Improves phosphorus and potassium solubilization from soil (phosphorus availability); boosts plant biomass and photosynthesis; accelerates composting.

Rhodopseudomonas Capsulatus

Boosts nitrogen assimilation at the rootzone for improved nitrogen uptake. Strong recycler of organic nutrients and minerals in the soil for rapid nutrient availability and uptake.