Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

Increase Yield Potential by Protecting Against Early Season Disease and Insect Pressure with Ignite Defender ST, Powered by Warden CXII

In the ever-evolving landscape of soybean farming, stealthy pests and unpredictable spring weather pose threats to your crop. Ag Plus has tailored a solution to combat these challenges in southwest Minnesota, ensuring your soybeans are shielded against the toughest adversaries in the soil.

Discover the ultimate soybean seed treatment offering unparalleled disease and insect defense. Secure your crop's success with Ag Plus Ignite Defender ST, powered by Warden CXII. Ag Plus Ignite Defender Seed Treatment ensures superior disease and insect protection for soybeans. Maximize root health, bolster plant vigor, and optimize your yield potential. Experience the future of soybean crop protection.

Features of Ignite Defender ST, Powered by Warden CXII

Ignite Defender ST boasts a powerful blend of four fungicides, including Vayantis and Mefanoxam, offering multiple modes of action against early-season diseases

Extra colorant and polymer providing a more vivid red color, plus improved flowability
and handling at the planter, leading to better stand counts and yield potential.

Powered by Cruiser Vigor Effect, our seed treatment defends against an array of seed- and foliar-feeding insects, ensuring a healthier, robust root system

Providing unmatched phytophthora protection and pythium control with a combination of systemic and contact control

Improves plant stand and early season vigor

A convenient premix formulation at a low use rate that allows for easier application and room to add products to your total seed treatment offer.

Use Rates

4.2 fl oz/100lbs seed
1.96 fl oz/140K unit

Active Ingredients

50g Thiamethoxam
15g Mefenoxam
2.5g Fludioxonil
2.5g Sedaxane
1.0g Picarbutrazox

Four Powerful Fungicides

Ag Plus Ignite Defender ST, powered by Warden CX II, is equipped with four fungicides, each designed to operate through multiple modes of action. This strategic combination targets early-season diseases and resistant Pythium strains, providing a robust defense against root rot, stunting, and the potential reduction of plant stands.