Maximize Efficiency, Lower Disease Transfer and Improve Crop Protection

Ag Plus Cooperative teams up with Wilde Air Service out of Brookings, SD, to provide Aerial Fungicide and the ability to spray in an hour what ground equipment would spray in a day.

Superior plant health benefits
Exceptional disease control
Improved standability and yields
Increased stress tolerance

Boost Yield and ROI Potential

Ag Plus offers Miravis Neo as our bread and butter when the time comes for fungicides each year. Miravis Neo gets to work fast and tolerates the unexpected to provide superior protection from application through harvest. Miravis works by establishing a reservoir in plant wax layer, providing protection from application through harvest, while driving late-season plant health & standability. In addition to offering improved performance against key leaf spot and soil-borne diseases, Miravis Neo contains two active ingredients linked to plant-health benefits, keeping crops healthier longer in a way that is visually distinguishable from other treatments.

Right Product

A successful fungicide application begins by using the best product. Miravis Neo will help take you to the next level.

3 Active ingredients combine for a new class of broad spectrum disease control. 
Miravis Neo will help growers produce a greener, healthier crop that can't be missed. 
Diseases controlled: Anthracnose, Brown Spot, Frogeye Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, White Mold.

Right Rates

In order to be successful, proper rates must be applied. This provides your crop with superior disease protection and plant health. 

Built with adepidyn fungicide- one of the most potent molecules ever discovered-Miravis Neo provides superior disease control with extremely low use rates. 
Recommended rates of Miravis Neo 13.7 oz/ac along with 4 oz/ac of MasterLock. 
For individualized rates and information, talk to your agronomist.

Right Time 

Applicating timing is vital to success. The quicker fungicide gets in the plant, the faster it works to keep the plant healthy and mitigate stress.

Recommended for beans around the R3 stage
Target corn at silking for ear disease and at tasseling for foliar leaf diseases.  
Talk to your agronomist for more information. 

Image sourced from Syngenta

Why Aerial Fungicide?

Soil Compaction

No soil compaction, unlike ground equipment that shrinks pore space also reducing water and oxygen passage.

Spray Pattern

Extra height above the crop canopy helps to create a more uniformed pattern. Whereas ground equipment has trouble on uneven ground. 


Get spray work done quicker and hit those primetime windows with the decreased effect weather has on your plans.  

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