Deliver Unmatched Protection Against Key Diseases with Aerial Fungicide

Protect your crops and increase your yields with the powerful combination of Miravis Neo with aerial fungicide through our partnership with Wilde Air Service out of Brookings, SD. When it comes to protecting your crops, settle for nothing less than the best. Partner with us and get unparalleled disease prevention and exceptional yield potential.

Protect Your Crops Like Never Before With Miravis Neo Aerial Fungicide – The Powerful, Innovative Solution That Delivers Unmatched Protection Against Diseases While Enhancing Yield Potential

When it comes to choosing the right fungicides for your crops, Ag Plus Cooperative stands out as your trusted partner. We proudly offer Miravis Neo as our go-to solution for optimal crop protection. With its fast-acting formula and exceptional tolerance to unexpected challenges, Miravis Neo provides superior protection from application through harvest.

Miravis Neo utilizes an innovative approach that sets it apart from other fungicides on the market. It works by establishing a reservoir within the plant's wax layer, ensuring prolonged protection throughout the growing season. This unique feature not only shields your crops from diseases but also promotes late-season plant health and standability, securing your yield potential. You can rely on Miravis Neo to effectively combat these threats, giving your crops the best defense possible.

Right Product

A successful fungicide application begins by using the best product. Miravis Neo will help take you to the next level.

3 Active ingredients combine for a new class of broad spectrum disease control. 
Miravis Neo will help growers produce a greener, healthier crop that can't be missed. 
Diseases controlled: Anthracnose, Brown Spot, Frogeye Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, White Mold.

Right Rates

In order to be successful, proper rates must be applied. This provides your crop with superior disease protection and plant health. 

Built with adepidyn fungicide- one of the most potent molecules ever discovered-Miravis Neo provides superior disease control with extremely low use rates. 
Recommended rates of Miravis Neo 13.7 oz/ac along with 4 oz/ac of MasterLock. 
For individualized rates and information, talk to your agronomist.

Right Time 

Applicating timing is vital to success. The quicker fungicide gets in the plant, the faster it works to keep the plant healthy and mitigate stress.

Recommended for beans around the R3 stage
Target corn at silking for ear disease and at tasseling for foliar leaf diseases.  
Talk to your agronomist for more information. 

Image sourced from Syngenta

Tank Mix Options

Our aerial fungicide and insecticide tank mix options are specifically designed to unleash the full potential of your crops, ensuring optimal performance and yield. With a range of blends catered to different crop types, our products provide a comprehensive solution to enhance crop regrowth, improve feed value, and increase tonnage. Not only do these mixes offer disease control and insect population management, but they also contain key micro-nutrients such as Boron and Molybdenum, crucial for grain fill, pollen formation, and the conversion of nitrate to ammonium. Moreover, our tank mixes are formulated to combat environmental stresses, supporting your crops through critical reproductive stages.

Experience the power of our elite tank mix options, transforming your crop's health and productivity for the better.

Corn Mix


Corn Plush Gold is a comprehensive tank mix that combines disease control and plant health benefits with a fungicide, provides key micro-nutrients (Boron and Molybdenum) for grain fill, pollen formation, and aiding in the conversion of nitrate to ammonium, and also includes stress mitigation for critical reproductive stages of the corn plant.

Corn Mix


Corn Plush is a popular choice for corn applications. It combines the benefits of a fungicide with the addition of Boron and Molybdenum, which boost grain fill, pollen formation, and aid in the conversion of nitrate to ammonium. This powerful mix supports the overall health and productivity of the corn crop.

Corn Mix


Corn Nitro Plush is Ag Plus's unique blend of Slow Release Nitrogen (SRN), micronutrients and fungicide. With this blend you get Boron, Molybdenum and approximately 10-12 lbs per gallon of SRN to give the crop a boost, enhance grain fill, pollen formation, and nitrate to ammonium conversion.

Soybean Mix


SB Elite TKO stands out as a top-tier mix, offering a range of benefits across different areas. It includes fungicide benefits for disease control, insect population control, and essential nutrients that fuel the crop's growth. Additionally, SB Elite TKO provides the crop with a full dose of stress mitigation components, ensuring optimal performance even under challenging conditions.

Soybean Mix


SB Lite is a commonly used mix for soybean applications. It combines the benefits of a fungicide, insect population control, and essential nutrients to support the crop's health and productivity. While it offers some level of stress mitigation, it should be noted that it does not provide the full dose of stress mitigation components found in SB Elite.

Alfalfa Mix


Haymaker Elite TKO is a powerful blend that combines key nutrients to drive alfalfa regrowth, enhance feed value, increase tonnage, and help mitigate environmental stresses. In addition to these benefits, it provides quick knockdown of yield-robbing pests, ensuring optimal crop performance.

Alfalfa Mix


Similar to Haymaker TKO, Haymaker Lite offers a blend of essential nutrients that drive alfalfa regrowth, improve feed value, and increase tonnage. It also helps mitigate environmental stresses, supporting the overall health and productivity of the crop.

Why Aerial Fungicide with Miravis Neo is the Best Solution for Crop Disease Prevention

Are you tired of crop diseases wreaking havoc on your harvest year after year? Don't let your hard work go to waste. Introducing Aerial Fungicide with Miravis Neo, the ultimate solution for crop disease prevention.

When it comes to safeguarding your crops, you need a reliable and effective solution. Aerial Fungicide with Miravis Neo offers unparalleled protection against a wide range of crop diseases. Here's why it stands out from the rest:

Enhanced Yield Potential

By protecting your crops against diseases, Miravis Neo aerial fungicide helps maintain healthy leaf area for longer, leading to better photosynthesis and improved yield potential.

Broad Spectrum Protection

Crop diseases come in various forms, but our aerial fungicide has got you covered. No matter the threat, you can trust Aerial Fungicide with Miravis Neo to keep your crops thriving.

Convenient Aerial Application

Get spray work done quicker and hit those primetime windows with the decreased effect weather has on your plans.  

What is aerial fungicide?

Aerial fungicide is a crop disease prevention method that uses an aircraft to apply fungicide to a crop. It provides efficient and effective crop protection. It is easy to apply and can cover a large area in a short amount of time.

Can aerial fungicide be used alongside other crop protection methods?

Yes, aerial fungicide can be integrated with other crop protection methods as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Consult with Ag Plus Cooperative agronomy experts to develop a comprehensive and tailored crop protection strategy that combines different methods for optimal disease control.

Can aerial fungicide help prevent the spread of fungal resistance?

Yes, using aerial fungicide as part of a comprehensive disease management plan can help reduce the risk of fungal resistance development. It is essential to rotate and mix different fungicide modes of action to mitigate the potential for resistance and maintain long-term effectiveness.

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Don't wait for diseases to strike. Act now and experience the difference that Aerial Fungicide with Miravis Neo can make in safeguarding your crops. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation. Together, let's secure your success in the field.

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