Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

Season Long White Mold Protection and Faster, Even Emergence for Soybeans

Treat your seed with Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST and you'll see more even emergence while also getting baseline White Mold protection. Our soybean seed treatment provides essential nutrients, plant hormones and extracts to ignite seed germination and maximize early seedling growth and vigor. 

Features of Ignite White Mold ST

Designed to suppress White Mold in soybeans throughout the growing season

Balanced ratio of plant hormones signals a consistent emergence message

Plant extracts and essential nutrients fuel early growth and seedling vigor

Benefits of Ignite White Mold ST

Combination of 5 essential nutrients to boost germination and early growth

Blend of extracts including amino acids, glucose, & vitamins to induce enzyme activity, enhance germination & early growth

Utilizes S.A.R. (Systemic Acquired Resistance) mode of action that activates the plants own genetic resistance to diseases by stimulating the plants natural defense pathways before disease sets in

Use Rates

1.45 fl oz/cwt
0.73 fl oz/140K seeds*

*Rate per 140K is based on an average seed weight of 2,800 soybean seeds per pound

Guaranteed Analysis

Available Phosphate (P2O5) = 0.70%
Manganese (Mn) = 0.05%
Boron (B) = 0.50%
Iron (Fe) = 0.10%
Zinc (Zn) = 0.50%

Balanced Ratio of Hormones

Cytokinin (Kinetin)

Stimulates cell division, shoot growth, delays leaf senescence and activates dormant buds

Gibberellic Acid (GA)

Stimulates shoot elongation, regulates production of hydrolytic enzymes in grains

Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA)

IBA is an auxin that enhances root growth; involved in apical dominance, cell elongation and enhances fruit and seed development