Fueling soybean emergence


Increase Yield Potential by Protecting Against Early Season Disease and Insect Pressure with Ignite Defender ST, Powered by Warden CXII

Ag Plus Ignite Defender Seed Treatment ensures superior disease and insect protection for soybeans. Maximize root health, bolster plant vigor, and optimize your yield potential. Experience the future of soybean crop protection.

Contains four fungicides for multiple modes of action against early-season Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium disease
Includes active ingredient in Cruiser® insecticide (Thiamethoxam) for healthier, robust root system by providing protection against an array of seed- and foliar-feeding insects
Convenient premix formulation at a low use rate that allows for easier application and room to add products to your total seed treatment offer
Improves plant stand and early season vigor

Our comprehensive seed treatment is formulated to protect your soybean seeds against various diseases and insects, such as white mold, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophthora, Aphids, Seed Corn Maggots, Thrips and more. It is also equipped with four fungicides, each designed to operate through multiple modes of action. This strategic combination targets early-season diseases and resistant Pythium strains, providing a robust defense against root rot, stunting, and the potential reduction of plant stands. Learn more about Ag Plus Ignite Defender ST, powered by Warden CX II.

Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST Provides Unmatched Protection Against White Mold in Soybeans

White mold can devastate a soybean crop, causing significant yield losses. Fortunately, Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST provides the protection you need to keep your soybeans healthy and thriving. Our seed treatment is scientifically formulated to provide unmatched protection against white mold, ensuring your soybeans reach their full potential.

5 essential nutrients to boost germination and early growth (P, Mn, B, Fe, Zn)
Extract blend with amino acids, glucose, & vitamins to enhance germination & early growth
Balanced ratio of Cytokinin, Gibberellic Acid, & Auxin to stimulate early growth
Utilizes S.A.R. (Systemic Acquired Resistance) mode of action to activate plant genetic resistance to diseases

Treat your seed with Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST and you'll see more even emergence while also getting baseline White Mold protection. Our soybean seed treatment provides essential nutrients, plant hormones and extracts to ignite seed germination and maximize early seedling growth and vigor. Don't let white mold ruin your soybean crop. Choose Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your soybeans are protected. Learn more about Ag Plus Ignite White Mold ST.


Get Three Active Ingredients, Less Packaging, Low Use Rate and Better ROI

The ultimate defense for your crops. Combining two potent biofungicides with a high-count rhizobia inoculant, it shields roots, enhances nutrient uptake, and fights fungal diseases like Fusarium and Rhizoctonia. With its superior strain of active rhizobia bacteria and patented storage device, Vault IP Plus ensures maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Plus, its low application rate and compatibility with other treatments offer unmatched value. Experience the power of three-in-one protection with BASF Vault IP Plus Seed Treatment.

Fresh, active rhizobia bacteria create healthy nodules for maximum nitrogen fixation and improved water uptake
Biofungicides provide an extended period of protection right from the start against fungal diseases, including Fusarium and Rhizoctonia
Biofungicide helps form a living shield protecting the roots
Lowest application rate in its class at 1.1 fl oz slurry/cwt seed

With its unique combination of biofungicides and high-count rhizobia inoculant, Vault IP Plus offers unmatched defense against fungal diseases while promoting healthy root development and nutrient uptake. Its superior strain of active rhizobia bacteria and patented storage device ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, while its low application rate and compatibility with other treatments make it a cost-effective choice for growers. Learn more about BASF Vault IP Plus.

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