Unlock the Full Potential of Your Crops with Our Advanced Farm Adjuvants

As a farmer, you're always looking for ways to boost your crop yields and protect your investment. Our advanced farm adjuvants can help you do just that, by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of pesticides, herbicides, and other crop protection products.

Wetting agents help improve the wetting and spreading of pesticides, improving their penetration and uptake within plants.
Sticker agents help improve the adhesion of pesticides to plants, reducing the risk of wash-off from rain or irrigation.
Spreader agents help improve the coverage of pesticides, increasing their effectiveness against targeted pests.

Improve the Coverage and Penetration of Your Crop Protection Products with Adjuvants

Your crops are under threat from a variety of factors, and it can feel like you're fighting an uphill battle. Whether it's drought, pests, or disease, your hard work and dedication can be undone by forces beyond your control. They work by improving the penetration of chemicals into the plant, increasing the efficacy of the active ingredient, and reducing the spray drift. This leads to an increase in crop yields and cost savings for farmers. Talk to an Ag Plus Agronomist to learn more.

HSOC/MSO + Drift & Deposition

High Surfactant Methylated Soy Oil-based drift and deposition aid to optimize herbicide activity.
Designed for herbicides that require oil or have improved performance when MSO oil is added to the tank.

16 oz/acre

High Surfactant Crop Oil Concentrate (HSOC-COC)

A paraffinic crop oil concentrate with added surfactant to improve leaf wetting and pesticide penetration.
Excellent mixing makes it compatible with variety of tank mixes including glyphosate.

4-16 oz/acre

Liquid AMS Water Conditioner + Non-Ionic Surfactant Adjuvant

AMS ties up hard water ions in the tank that can reduce herbicide efficacy.
Surfactant premix helps enhance wetting and reduce surface tension for improved spreading and herbicide uptake.

24-32 oz/acre

Ammonium Sulfate (AMS), Surfactants, Polymers + Antifoam

Industry-standard drift reduction and coverage technology.
Maximized canopy penetration and coverage aid.
Blended easy-to-use water-soluble polymers for superior application performance.

16 oz/acre

Non-Ionic Surfactant (NIS)

Improves wetting, spreading and humectancy of agricultural sprays to enhance efficacy.
Humectant keeps the spray mixture wet on the targeted surface to help improve uptake.

4-6 oz/acre

Drift Reduction & Deposition

Reduces driftable fine droplets across a wide range of tank mixtures and nozzles and improves deposition deep in the canopy.
Does not substantially increase coarse droplets, providing excellent coverage.

4-6 oz/acre

Try our chemical adjuvants and see the difference they can make for your farm.

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