The One-of-a-Kind Adjuvant for Enhanced Crop Performance

Are you looking for an adjuvant that delivers on its promises? Try Straight Shot with Yield Breaker technology. Our unique formula utilizes a patent pending process that ensures crop enhancement component integrity, resulting in maximum plant utilization. This innovative adjuvant not only protects your crop, but can also increase your potential yield and profits. Say goodbye to disappointment and try Straight Shot today.

Features & Benefits of Straight Shot

Yield Breaker Technology:

• Unique crop enhancement components selected to drive multiple plant functions
• Patent pending process for maximum plant utilization
• Proven to enhance yield potential

Deposition and Retention Technology:

• Maximizes canopy penetration and coverage
• Superior water conditioning for improved adjuvant performance
• Ultra-efficient surfactant package for increased coverage and cuticle penetration

Industry Standard Drift Reduction and Coverage Technology:

• Proven drift reducing technology
• Easy to use water-soluble polymers for superior application performance
• Ensures maximum crop protection

Use Rates

16 oz/A



Drift & Deposition Aid

At Ag Plus, we know that you want products that deliver results. That's why we developed Straight Shot, a game-changing adjuvant that can help you protect your yields and increase your profits. With Straight Shot, you can rest assured that your crops are getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

Order now and see the difference Straight Shot can make in your fields.