Effective Solutions for Yellowing Corn in Southwest Minnesota

Spring in southwest Minnesota has brought us an abundance of rain and cloudy days, leaving many fields of corn turning yellow and struggling for sunlight. If your crops are showing signs of stress, don’t fret! Ag Plus Cooperative has a range of products designed to help your corn thrive, even under less-than-ideal conditions.

Understanding the Yellowing

Yellowing in corn is often a sign of nitrogen deficiency and insufficient sunlight. Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for corn, promoting healthy leaf growth and overall plant development. Without adequate nitrogen, plants cannot produce the chlorophyll needed for photosynthesis, which is essential for converting sunlight into energy. This year, the persistent cloudy and rainy weather has severely hampered photosynthesis, leaving many crops struggling to produce the energy they need to thrive.

When photosynthesis is limited, plants can't manufacture enough sugars and other compounds necessary for their growth, leading to stunted development and yellowing leaves. Additionally, the excess moisture can cause nitrogen to leach away from the root zone, exacerbating the deficiency. This combination of low sunlight and reduced nitrogen availability creates a stressful environment for the corn, making it crucial to take proactive steps to support your crops during these challenging times.

But there are effective solutions available. At Ag Plus Cooperative, we offer a range of products and strategies designed to help your corn recover its green vigor and continue growing healthily despite the adverse conditions.

Effective Solutions to Mellow Your Yellow

Top Dressing with Urea

Applying urea as a top dressing can help provide the necessary nitrogen your corn needs to regain its green vigor. Nitrogen is a key nutrient that supports healthy leaf growth and overall plant development. When urea is applied to the soil surface, it quickly converts to ammonium and then nitrate, forms of nitrogen that plants can readily absorb. This method is particularly effective during periods of rapid growth when the corn’s demand for nitrogen is high. Top dressing with urea not only replenishes the nitrogen levels in the soil but also boosts the corn’s ability to carry out photosynthesis, leading to greener, healthier plants. Moreover, it can help offset the nitrogen losses that occur due to leaching during heavy rains, ensuring that your crops get the consistent supply of nutrients they need to thrive.

Gradual N with Spraying

Another effective method is to use gradual nitrogen (N) applications when spraying. This approach ensures a steady supply of nitrogen, which can help mitigate the stress caused by fluctuating weather conditions. Gradual N applications involve applying smaller, more frequent doses of nitrogen throughout the growing season rather than a single, large application. This technique helps to maintain optimal nitrogen levels in the soil, reducing the risk of deficiency during critical growth stages. Additionally, gradual N applications can be tailored to the specific needs of your crops, allowing for more precise nutrient management. This method not only supports sustained plant growth but also minimizes the risk of nitrogen runoff, making it an environmentally friendly option. By using gradual N applications, you can ensure that your corn receives the consistent nourishment it needs to develop robustly, even in challenging weather conditions. Gradual N can be applied from post spraying all the way up through your aerial fungicide application.

Ag Plus Vigor2Yield Solutions

Ag Plus Cooperative offers specialized products under our Vigor2Yield line that are designed to boost crop health and performance. Our Vigor2Yield products are formulated with cutting-edge agricultural science to address the specific needs of your crops, ensuring they receive the nutrients and support necessary for optimal growth. These products are tailored to enhance various aspects of plant development, from root health to photosynthesis efficiency, helping your crops to not only survive but thrive under challenging conditions. By integrating our Vigor2Yield products into your crop management practices, you can expect improved plant vitality, increased resistance to stress, and ultimately, higher yield potentials.

Dominate is a powerful plant hormone blend that enhances plant growth and development. It combines Cytokinin (Kinetin), Gibberellic Acid (GA), and Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) at optimal concentrations to promote overall plant health and maximize yield potential.

Benefits of Dominate:

Boosts plant growth and development for higher yield potentials
Improves cell division and enlargement
Increases root and shoot development
Enhances photosynthesis and respiration
Reduces negative effects caused by stress
Excellent compatibility with row-starter fertilizers and pesticides

Plush Elite is an enhanced blend of macro and micro nutrients combined with stress mitigation technology. This product is formulated to supplement plant-available nutrients throughout the growing season, preparing crops to handle stress more effectively.

Benefits of Plush Elite:

Provides essential nutrients along with stress mitigating biostimulant actives
Ensures maximum nutrient absorption and availability
Improves overall plant health
Increases potential for higher yields and ROI
Can be applied foliar with pesticide applications
Delivers six key nutrients essential for crop growth


Don’t let the yellowing of your corn worry you. By using the right products and methods, you can help your crops recover and thrive. Top dressing with urea, gradual N applications, and our Vigor2Yield products—Dominate and Plush Elite—are all excellent ways to support your corn during this challenging growing season.

For more information or to purchase these products, contact a local, expert Ag Plus agronomist. Together, we can ensure your crops get the care they need to reach their full potential.

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