Unleash the Full Potential of Your Alfalfa Crop

Delivering necessary nutrients and key plant hormones to enhance forage quality, reduce plant stress, and optimize photosynthesis and respiration... maximizing yield potential and profitability with the Ag Plus Haymaker Program.

Managing Alfalfa to Improve Quality & Drive Yield

At Ag Plus Cooperative, we empower alfalfa growers to achieve remarkable results with our Haymaker Program. Our proven products and expert guidance help you transform your alfalfa production, drive record yields, and boost your profitability.

Increased alfalfa yield and cutting during the growing season
Optimized plant growth and development through our advanced plant hormone blend
Enhanced crop protection against environmental and pesticide stress
Improved reproductive processes and grain fill with essential nutrients for alfalfa

Plant Hormones

4 oz/ac

Enhance crop photosynthesis and respiration for optimum growth. This product contains the ideal ratio of plant hormones to promote healthy plant development and mitigate environmental stresses.

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Stress Protection

8 oz/ac

Support quicker recovery from stress and prioritize growth and yield. This product provides the essential fuel and energy needed to boost enzymatic activity within the plant.

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Boron & Molybdenum

16 oz/ac

Recognizing the significance of boron and molybdenum for alfalfa, this product aids in cell wall formation and plays a crucial role in nitrogen utilization and uptake.

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Stress Mitigation

32 oz/ac

Defend your alfalfa against various stresses with this foliar nutrition solution. Six key nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, and zinc, provide the necessary elements for optimal plant health.

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Are you tired of mediocre alfalfa yields and limited profitability? Without the Haymaker Program, you risk missing out on higher yields, reduced stress on your crop, and the opportunity to maximize your profits. Don't settle for mediocre results when you have the chance to unlock the full potential of your alfalfa crop.

Our solutions have helped countless growers overcome obstacles and achieve exceptional results. Don't let subpar results hold you back any longer—let us unlock the full potential of your alfalfa crop with the Haymaker Program.

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