Unlock Higher Yields with Ag Plus Elite Club (APEC) Analytics

As a farmer, your ultimate goal is to increase your yields and maximize your profitability, but making informed agronomic decisions can be challenging without accurate data and insights. Crop success starts with data-driven decisions.

Identify What Is Impacting Your Field with Over 300 Layers of Data

Our full suite of analytics guides your agronomic decisions by identifying hundreds of agronomic attributes that impact yield. With APEC, you can:

Access site-specific reporting on hundreds of agronomic factors with your yield data

Manage agronomic inputs with depth of data

Customize management zones to fit your unique fields

Benchmark fields against other growers in the system

Use Learning Blocks® to test and verify application rates by leveraging variable rate technology

Conduct and analyze on-farm trials to understand product and hybrid performance

Understand how input costs associated with VRT vary spatially in each field

Create cost scenarios with Learning Blocks® to calculate the breakeven cost per bushel in each unique part of your field

Ag Plus Elite Club

Yield Analysis

Feature 1

Analyze yield in each part of your field to make confident management decisions.

Trials & Testing

Feature 2

Use Learning Blocks® or field trials to verify the right application rates, timing and product placement.

Learning Blocks®

Feature 3

Customize management zones through testing and analysis. Run cost scenarios in your field to build better prescriptions.

Breakeven Cost

Feature 4

Find your breakeven cost per bushel in each part of your field to optimize farm management and increase profitability.

ABCs of Management Zones

A Zone: Highest Productivity. The best of the best. Growers should be aggressive with inputs on these areas – better chance of high return on investment.

B Zone: Average Productivity. Consistent and stable production. Growers should maintain their “average” management practices in these zones. 

C Zone: Below-Average Productivity. Yield-limiting factors are preventing top production. Growers should be conservative with inputs – low return on investment.

Our comprehensive suite of analytics helps you make data-driven decisions to optimize your yields, reduce input costs, and boost profitability. Failing to make data-driven decisions can cost you yield, time, and money. Don't let yield-limiting factors go unnoticed in your fields. Sign up for APEC today and start making decisions based on facts, not emotion.

Fill out the form or contact APEC Manager, Adam Karbo, at (507) 428-3287 to get started.

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