Keep Your Nitrogen Available at Crucial Growth Stages

Roughly 80% of a corn plant's total nitrogen need occurs 75 days after emergence. Protect your investment with Ag Plus nitrogen stabilizers for urea and anhydrous ammonia to keep it in the root zone when the plant needs it.

Whether you're applying urea in the spring or anhydrous ammonia this fall, safeguarding your nitrogen investment is paramount. At Ag Plus Cooperative, we understand the importance of preserving this vital nutrient for your crops. Our nitrogen stabilizers are your trusted partners in ensuring that nitrogen doesn't leach away. By including our stabilizers in your fall fertilizer regimen, you're taking a crucial step towards maintaining nitrogen within the root zone throughout the growing season. This means more nitrogen availability during key growth stages, preventing underground leaching where a significant 70% of nitrogen loss can occur, and slowing down the bacteria responsible for converting ammonium to nitrate. The result? Increased yield potential for your next crop season. Trust us to protect your investment and boost your harvest's potential.

Nitrogen Stabilizers for Anhydrous Ammonia
Enhancing Crop Nutrient Retention

Anhydrous ammonia is a vital source of nitrogen for crop growth, and nitrogen stabilizers can significantly enhance its effectiveness. Here's how nitrogen stabilizers benefit anhydrous ammonia usage:

Slows Nitrification Process: Nitrogen stabilizers delay the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, keeping nitrogen in the ammonium form for a longer duration.
Optimum Crop Development: By maintaining nitrogen availability during crucial growth stages, these stabilizers contribute to improved crop development and higher yields.
Practical Handling and Compatibility: Non-corrosive formulations and compatibility with various NH3 injection systems make them easy to use and effective for farmers.

Nitrogen Stabilizers for Urea
Safeguarding Nitrogen Utilization

Urea is another commonly used nitrogen fertilizer, and nitrogen stabilizers can play a vital role in preserving its efficacy. Here are the benefits of using nitrogen stabilizers with urea:

Prevents Nitrogen Loss: Nitrogen stabilizers shield urea from leaching and denitrification, reducing nitrogen loss and maximizing its utilization by crops.
Extended Nitrogen Availability: These stabilizers ensure that nitrogen remains available to crops when they need it most, promoting steady growth.
Versatility with Applications: Nitrogen stabilizers work effectively with UAN, urea, and liquid manure, providing flexibility for various farming practices.

Use With Anhydrous Ammonia

Shield your applied nitrogen from underground losses with FunctioN, our proprietary DCD formulation with a unique solvent system. This patent-pending solution ensures your nitrogen stays readily available during crucial growth stages, addressing roughly 80% of a corn plant's total nitrogen needs occurring 75 days after emergence. FunctioN Nitrogen Stabilizer not only slows the nitrification process, extending nitrogen's effectiveness in the ammonium form, but it's also versatile, compatible with Anhydrous, UAN, Manure, and irrigation systems. With excellent storage and handling properties, non-corrosive formulation, and NRCS approval, it's the ideal choice for protecting your nitrogen investment. Plus, it seamlessly integrates into most commercial NH3 injection systems and sidekick systems on the market.

Use With Urea

Elevate your crop's potential with Instinct NXTGEN, the premier nitrogen stabilizer. This encapsulated formula, compatible with UAN, urea, and liquid manure, optimizes yield potential while enhancing cold temperature handling. Powered by Optinyte™ technology, Instinct NXTGEN works by slowing down the Nitrosomonas bacteria's conversion of ammonium to nitrate. This keeps nitrogen in the preferred ammonium form, significantly reducing losses that can occur through leaching and denitrification. By incorporating it within 10 days, either through rain or mechanical means, you benefit from 6 to 8 additional weeks of nitrogen availability, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less nitrogen leaching, greater soil retention, and stronger, healthier plants. Protect your investment and maximize your yields with Instinct NXTGEN.

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