Vehicle Transmission Service & Repair

One of the most crucial and most complicated systems in your vehicle is the transmission. The power your engine creates to the wheels comes from this important system, and can wreak havoc if it is not functioning properly.

Signs of Transmission Problems

Transmission Slipping

Rough Shifts Between Gears

Thuds or Clunks When Car Shifts Gears

Pauses Between Shifting Gears

Leaking Red or Brown Fluid

Transmission Warning Light

Transmission FAQs

How can I extend the life of my vehicle's transmission?

The best thing you can do for your transmission is to schedule routine service. Having certified technicians review the transmission periodically can keep you from having an expensive engine fix.

What causes damage to automatic transmissions?

Vehicles that are low on transmission fluid or have clogged filters are two of the main causes. You may also damage your transmission if you shift your vehicle before being fully stopped, tow more than your vehicle is able to, or don't service your transmission regularly.

What are the warning signs of a damaged automatic transmission?

The most common signs of transmission damage are delays in shifting, rough shifts between gears, thuds or clunks when shifting, or leaking of brown/red fluids.

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