Keep Phosphates More Readily Available for Higher Yield Potential

At Ag Plus Cooperative, we understand the importance of maximizing your crop yield while minimizing costs. Shelter Ultra offers a simple and cost-effective way to achieve just that. By ensuring phosphates remain readily available to your crops, you can expect to see a substantial increase in productivity.

Benefits of Shelter Ultra

Optimized for Dry Phosphate Impregnation: Shelter Ultra is specially designed for use with dry phosphate impregnation, making it a versatile solution for various agricultural applications.
Extended Storage Capability: You can impregnate Shelter Ultra onto dry phosphate fertilizer and store it for an extended period without degradation, ensuring its efficacy when you need it.
Easy Handling: Shelter Ultra boasts low viscosity, making it easy to handle, especially in colder weather conditions. This user-friendly feature simplifies application and enhances overall convenience.

Recommended Use Rat/es

Rate: 3 quarts per ton
Equivalent Weight: 10.8 lbs/gallon
Optimal pH: 5.5

Experience the Difference

Ag Plus Shelter Ultra is your key to unlocking higher crop yield potential. By keeping phosphates readily available, you're not only increasing productivity but also ensuring a more sustainable and profitable future for your agricultural endeavors.

Essential Nutrient

Phosphorus is one of the essential nutrients required for plant growth and development. It plays a vital role in processes like photosynthesis, energy transfer, and nutrient uptake. Ensuring an adequate supply of phosphates is essential for healthy plant growth.

Root Development

Phosphorus promotes strong root development. When phosphates are readily available, plants can develop robust root systems that can explore a larger soil volume for water and nutrients. This leads to improved nutrient and water uptake, enhancing overall plant health.

Stress Tolerance

Phosphorus helps plants better withstand various environmental stresses. When phosphates are readily available, plants are better equipped to cope with factors like drought, extreme temperatures, and disease, leading to more resilient crops.

Nutrient Availability

Adequate phosphorus levels can improve the availability of other essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium. This synergy between nutrients ensures that plants have all the necessary elements for optimal growth.

Local Yield Data Results

Take a look at the numbers – the results speak for themselves. In a side-by-side comparison on a local grower's field, Shelter Ultra demonstrated its prowess. Treated ground yielded an impressive 46 bushels per acre, outperforming the untreated area, which produced 42 bushels per acre. These findings underscore the impact of Shelter Ultra on crop performance, delivering a tangible increase in yields. Experience the difference and elevate your harvest with Shelter Ultra.