Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

Plush Elite Prepares Crop for Stress, Minimizing Negative Crop Responses

An enhanced blend of macro and micro nutrients in combination with stress mitigation technology. Plush Elite is formulated to supplement plant available nutrients to a wide range of crops throughout the growing season.

Benefits of Plush Elite

Provides essential nutrients in combination with stress mitigating biostimulant actives

Maximum nutrient absorption and availability

A tool for improving plant health

Increases potential for higher yields & ROI

Apply foliar with pesticide applications

Provides six key nutrients for crop growth

Plush Elite prepares the crop for stress, minimizing negative crop responses, preventing yield loss!

Use Rates

1-2 qt/Acre Foliar
10.8 lbs/gallon

8.0-8.9 pH


Nitrogen = 7.0%
Potassium = 1.0%
Sulfur = 3.0%
Iron = 1.0%
Manganese = 2.0%
Zinc = 2.0%