Introducing Mark Milenski | VP of Agronomy

We are thrilled to welcome Mark Milenski to the Ag Plus Cooperative family as our new Vice President of Agronomy. Mark brings a wealth of experience and a passion for agriculture that aligns perfectly with our mission and values.

A Commitment to Agriculture
Mark's journey in agriculture began at an early age, growing up in a family deeply rooted in the ag retail industry. His career has been marked by a diverse range of roles, from running machinery and sales to management. This extensive background has instilled in him a deep understanding of the agricultural landscape and a commitment to supporting farmers.

Visionary Leadership
Mark is a results-oriented leader with a proven track record of increasing sales, improving operations, and driving productivity. His leadership style focuses on operational efficiency and utilizing all available resources to benefit our customers. He believes in the power of innovation to enhance crop yields and deliver a strong return on investment for our farming community.

Operational Excellence
One of Mark's key priorities is to get back to the basics of operational efficiency. He understands that a well-run operation is essential for delivering quality products and services to our customers. Mark's experience and expertise will play a vital role in ensuring that Ag Plus Cooperative remains a leader in providing innovative solutions to enhance your farm's success.

Building Connections
Mark is not just a leader; he's a communicator who values transparency and approachability. He is dedicated to building lasting connections within and outside our organization. His commitment to collaboration and teamwork will strengthen Ag Plus Cooperative's position in the agricultural community.

A Bright Future Ahead
As we welcome Mark Milenski as our Vice President of Agronomy, we look forward to the positive impact he will bring to our cooperative and, most importantly, to our customers. His leadership, vision, and dedication to agriculture make him a valuable addition to our team.

"As the Vice President of Agronomy at Ag Plus Cooperative, I envision a future where operational excellence and innovation walk hand in hand. My commitment is to be a strong advocate for operational efficiency, ensuring that every resource is optimized to benefit our growers. At the same time, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in agriculture, exploring innovative solutions that will not only boost yields but also provide a remarkable return on investment for our valued farmers. Together, we'll cultivate success, embracing the traditions of our industry while boldly shaping its future."

- Mark Milenski, Vice President of Agronomy, Ag Plus Cooperative

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Mark as we embark on this exciting journey together. We are confident that under his leadership, Ag Plus Cooperative will continue to thrive and serve our farming community with excellence.