Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

Increase Yield Potential by Protecting Against Early Season Disease and Insect Pressure

Treat your soybean seed with Ag Plus Soybean Complete ST and you'll get one blend of five active ingredients that provides outstanding, broad-spectrum disease and insect suppression. 

Features of Ignite Soybean Complete ST

Provides outstanding, broad-spectrum disease and insect suppression

Improves stand establishment and early plant vigor

Best-in-class formulation

Five active ingredients providing unmatched phytophthora protection and pythium control with a combination of systemic and contact control

Highly compatible with biologicals, inoculants, etc.

Operationally friendly - unhindered treatability and plantability along with an orange coating for easier field verification of depth and placement

Use Rates

3.8 fl oz/cwt

Diseases Suppressed

Early Season Phytophthora
Rhizoctonia Damping Off
Rhizoctonia Seedling Blight
Seed Borne Phomopsis/Sclerotinia

Insects Suppressed

Seed Corn Maggots
Three-Cornered Alfalfa Hopper
Overwintering Bean Leaf Beetle

Active Ingredients

StartUP™ METXL - Metalaxyl (low rate)

Against Diseases:
Phytophthora - Good
Pythium - Excellent
Resistant Pythium - Poor

Rancona® 3.8 - Ipconazole

Against Diseases:
Rhizoctonia - Excellent
Fusarium - Excellent
Seed Borne Phomopsis - Good
Seed Borne Sclerotinia - Excellent


Against Diseases:
Seed Borne Phomopsis - Excellent

Intego® Solo - Ethaboxam

Against Diseases:
Phytophthora - Excellent
Pythium - Fair
Resistant Pythium - Excellent

StartUP™ IMIDA - Imidacloprid

Against Insects:
Aphids - Excellent
SC Maggots - Excellent
Wireworm - Excellent
Thrips - Good
Overwintering BL Beetle - Good