Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

Protects Applied Nitrogen from Below Ground Losses

FunctioN is a proprietary DCD formulation with a unique solvent system, easy-to-use and patent pending formulation. Keep your nitrogen available at crucial growth stages.

Roughly 80% of a corn plant's total nitrogen need occurs 75 days after emergence!

Features & Benefits of FunctioN Nitrogen Stabilizer

Slows the nitrification process, keeping the nitrogen in the ammonium form longer

Can be used with Anhydrous, UAN, Manure or through irrigation systems

Excellent storage and handling, non-corrosive formulation

Use Rates

1.5-3 pt/A
9.7 lbs/gallon


Anhydrous Ammonia Applications of FunctioN

Non-corrosive, excellent cold weather handling, NRCS approved
Can be pumped through most commercial NH3 injection systems
Can be used in any sidekick system on the market

Switching Nitrification Inhibitors in an Injection System

Previous Nitrification Inhibitor

Rinse with Diesel

Rinse with UAN