Ag Plus Cooperative To Pay 40% of Allocated Profits in Cash Distributions Back to Patrons

Ag Plus Cooperative’s Board of Directors and President/CEO, Todd Ludwig, are happy to announce dividend payouts for its fiscal year that ended July 31, 2022. Ag Plus Cooperative had another successful year and in return is sharing those profits with our patrons. A total of $1,122,250 will be allocated in the form of cash and equity. Cash distributions (in the form of a check) are being paid at 40% and the remaining 60% in deferred allocated equity. Checks will be mailed to patrons mid-January 2023.

"It’s nice to be able to distribute a portion of the cooperative's earnings back to our patrons. The cooperative is focused on making decisions that enhance the sustainability of farmer-owners. Distributing earnings back to our patrons helps define a cooperative and its value to our members and our communities, as money and earnings remain in our local economies," said Todd Ludwig, President and CEO of Ag Plus Cooperative. "This patronage amount being returned has a significant positive impact on the local communities we serve as patrons invest back into local businesses and ventures. There is no doubt that Ag Plus Cooperative is attempting to enhance our communities."

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