Ag Plus Cooperative Announces Todd Ludwig to retire as President and CEO

January 24, 2024 - Marshall, MN | Ag Plus Cooperative’s Board of Directors announced today that Todd Ludwig, who has led Ag Plus since its inception in 2019, plans to retire July 31, 2024. The board also announced that after exploring all options, it has decided to hire a replacement for Todd. The board has retained a search firm to find qualified candidates to replace Todd. The board will be considering both internal candidates and external candidates. Todd is willing to remain available in some capacity after July 31, if needed, to make a smooth transition to a new leader.

Under Ludwig’s leadership, the coop has integrated 3 cultures post-merger, strengthened its balance sheet, upgraded many of its assets, brought in a great deal of technology and increased sales from $65 million to $116 million.

Prior to joining Ag Plus, Ludwig was the President and CEO of CFS. Before that, he held various roles at CHS, Cenex, Cenex Land O Lakes Agronomy Company and ConAgra Inc. He started his career in 1987.

“I have mixed feelings about Todd’s retirement. I am happy for Todd to start this next chapter in his life, but we will miss the leadership he has provided for Ag Plus since its inception in 2019,” said Eddie De Langhe, Board Chairman for Ag Plus.

De Langhe went on to say, “The board has certainly enjoyed working with Todd and we wish him and his wife, Heather, all the best in retirement.” “We are also grateful for Todd’s focus and commitment to the safety of our employees and for the skills development he has brought to Ag Plus employees.”

“It was a very difficult decision to leave Ag Plus. After experiencing a second occurrence of cancer, although the prognosis is not dire, I want to experience retirement life and do some things while I have some good health,” said Ludwig. “I look forward to continuing as President and CEO working with employees, customers and vendors into next summer. It has been a pleasure and an honor to lead Ag Plus Cooperative since 2019 and I look forward to working with my successor to make a smooth transition in July.”

About Ag Plus Cooperative
Ag Pus is a member-owned, diversified agricultural company headquartered in Marshall, MN. The cooperative has locations in 8 communities and provides full agronomy products and services, c-stores, propane, diesel, gasoline, auto shops, auto parts store, HVAC, small engines and crop insurance. For information, review our website.