Vigor 2 Yield Plant Performance Profile

A Premier Microbial-Based Fertilizer Catalyst

Boron and Molybdenum are critical nutrients to have available to the crop during development and reproductive stages. Applying in conjunction provides an amplified response that maximizes nitrogen efficiency, while enhancing reproductive processes.

Features & Benefits of Plush BMo

Coupling the synergistic nutrients of Boron and Molybdenum to provide efficient crop enhancement

Contains a unique formulation of boron that increases tank-mixing capabilities

Designed to be compatible with a wide range of tank mix partners

Apply before or after deficiency symptoms appear


  • Boron promotes early maturity, improving pod set and grain quality
  • Molybdenum is key component of nitrate reductase enzyme; timely application promotes nitrogen efficiency as soybean root nodule performance declines
  • Increase nitrogen efficiency, flowering, pod set and pod fill, correlating to yield


  • Boron plays a large role in reproductive development, pollen formation and grain fill 

  • Boron is necessary in the conversion of carbohydrates into proteins 

  • Molybdenum boosts conversion of nitrate to ammonium in the plant, this provides enhanced nitrogen levels for protein synthesis and to begin driving grain fill

Conditions That Favor Boron Deficiency

Over saturated soils can result in boron leached out of the root zone. Deficiencies can also occur in drought conditions, as boron moves to the roots via mass flow. Most commonly is deficient in coarse soil types.