Get Plants Off to a Fast Start With Liquid Starter Fertilizers

Liquid starters are fertilizers that are applied to the soil at the time of planting. They are typically formulated with a higher concentration of nutrients than traditional fertilizers and are applied in a liquid form to make them easier for plants to absorb.

One of the main benefits of using liquid starters is that they can help to jumpstart the growth of young plants by providing them with a quick source of nutrients. This can be especially useful for crops that are sensitive to nutrient deficiencies or for those that are being planted in soil that is low in nutrients.

Improve Crop Emergence

Liquid starters typically contain a mix of nutrients, such as phosphorous and nitrogen, that are important for early seedling growth and development. These nutrients can lead to faster, more even crop emergence and better stand establishment. Additionally, liquid starters can also contain other beneficial substances such as micronutrients, growth hormones and beneficial microorganisms which can further enhance crop emergence. The application of liquid starters is a common practice in modern agriculture to improve crop yields and quality.

Promote Healthy Root Development

In addition to providing nutrients, liquid starters can also help to improve soil structure and promote healthy root development. Some formulations may include micronutrients, such as zinc and boron, which can help to promote strong root growth and improve overall plant health. By providing young plants with a quick source of nutrients and promoting healthy root development, liquid starters can help to optimize the growth and health of the crop and potentially lead to higher yields.

Ag Plus Cooperative Liquid Starters

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) ............... 6.0%
1.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
4.0% Urea Nitrogen
1.0% Other Nitrogen

Zinc (Zn) ............... 2.5%
2.5% Chelated Zinc

Derived from: urea, fulvic acid, zinc EDTA

Proprietary Blend of Sugars, Fulvic Acid & EDTA Zinc

The sugars and fulvic acid are different carbon sources, which free up minerals and improve the natural bacterial activity in the soil, while the zinc corrects and prevents deficiencies. The combination of products has shown significant benefits when used with low-salt starters and foliars to enhance the efficiency and promote the uptake of nutrients. Learn more.

Supplies nourishment for microbes, both foliar and soil.
Increases permeability of cell membranes.
Releases nutrients that are tightly held in the soil.
Enhance uptake of nutrients.
Promotes soil and plant health, resulting in increased yields.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) ............... 7.0%
6.2% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.8% Urea Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P205) ............... 24.0%

Soluble Potash (K20) ............... 4.0%

Derived from: phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, ammonia, urea

Low-Salt 80/20 Ratio of Ortho-to-Polyphosphate Liquid Fertilizer

Ag Plus Platinum is pure liquid fertilizer produced from the finest raw materials. It is seed safe for in-furrow placement, 2x2 branding or may be foliar applied. Learn more.

Low-salt, chloride free and near neutral pH.
100% water soluble.
Seeds respond in cold soils.
Crops emerge earlier and more uniform.
Increases yield potential.
Produces higher quality and drier crops at harvest.

Ag Plus Liquid Starts FAQs

What is the importance of a carbon source in soil applications?

Organic carbon sources prolong micronutrient, phosphate and nitrogen efficiency, stimulate root growth, feed beneficial soil organisms and increase soil organic matter.

What are fulvic acids?

Fulvic acids are humic substances with lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content. Humic substances consist of highly mineralized forms of organic matter with stable physical and chemical properties. Fulvic acids are short chains of molecules immediately available that last up to 30 days in the soil depending on weather conditions. This makes fulvic acid ideal for enhancing an in-furrow row starter.

What makes Pro Start unique?

Along with the fulvic acids described above we have added a combination of more simple carbon chains to get nutrients, along with the fulvic acids, into the plant even faster. We have added EDTA chelated zinc to assist in meeting the micronutrient needs of your crop as well.

What is the orthophosphate content in Ag Plus Platinum?

Ag Plus Platinum is 80% orthophosphate and 20% polyphosphate. This allows seedlings to absorb the orthophosphate they need early then utilize the polyphosphate a little later after it has broken down.

Am I able to apply Ag Plus Platinum directly on the seed without fear of germination damage?

Yes, Ag Plus Platinum is designed to be applied directly on the seed without causing germination issues. Always follow application rates on the label. Use caution when applying directly on the seed in saline, alkali, or coarse textured soils.

Can I add other nutrients to Ag Plus Platinum?

Yes, any EDTA micronutrients will easily blend with Ag Plus Platinum with agitation. Soil amendments such as humic acids and additional nutrients like sulfur and potassium may also be added. Always jar test before blending in a tank.

Can I mix Ag Plus Platinum with 28% or 32% UAN solution?

No, due to the potassium and the high orthophosphate content in Ag Plus Platinum, there can be stability issues if mixed with these nitrogen products.

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